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Biosonix launches website

Salt Lake City, UT - November 01, 2013

Biosonix, the premier innovative medical ultrasonic design & manufacturing company has launched its website With this release, healthcare professionals may preview meticulously engineered devices and contact specialists for specific engineering of ultrasonic products.

"We are very excited to be developing cutting edge medical products in the ultrasonic industry and believe this website will truly show the expertise and fully integrated offerings that our company provides to our OEM medical device partners" says Biosonix President David Ritchotte.

Biosonix is a developer and manufacturer of medical ultrasonic products specializing in Fluid Delivery and Sensing, Surgical and Therapeutic Devices. Biosonix's capabilities provide customers product analysis, design and development, materials expertise, injection molding, acoustic analysis, device assembly and testing. Through collaboration with their sister company, Biomerics, Biosonix is able to provide devices, disposables and injection molded parts to customers from design through final production.

Biosonix is led by President David Ritchotte and Vice President of Engineering Tony Crandall with a team of engineers in the design and manufacturing of Fluid Delivery & Control Sensors, Surgical and Therapeutic Handpieces.

Mr. Ritchotte has been in sales and business development for OEM suppliers for over 20 years. He has developed and managed key account business development teams dedicated to providing customers with high technology products that meet or exceed their needs. He has led companies and divisions producing electronic and ultrasonic designs such as Analog Devices, Blatek, ZEVEX, Moog and RithYorke. Mr. Ritchotte specializes in product experience in high power (therapy), low power (sensors), imaging (arrays), and data acquisition/control. He holds an A.S. in Electronics from the New England Institute of Technology.

Mr. Crandall leads the engineering team with over 27 years of experience in all facets of engineering design, analysis and management. Over 23 years of that experience has been in ultrasonic transducers for highly regulated applications, (military and medical). Mr. Crandall has designed from proposal to R&D, production and sustaining engineering high power (therapy) and low power (sensors) in the medical marketplace, including phacoemulsification, neurosurgery, orthopedic, liposuction, therapy, air bubble detectors, and liquid level sensors.

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Design, development and manufacture
of medical ultrasonic transducers
for sensing, surgical and therapeutic


Air bubble detectors, fluid sensing,
ultrasonic handpieces,
sub-assemblies, and
driver boards.


Ultrasonic design, analysis and
practical implementation from
piezo electric materials
to complete systems.