Ultrasonic Sensing

/// High Resolution Air Bubble Detectors, Point Level Sensors

Biosonix-HR - High Resolution Non-Invasive Air Bubble Detectors

The Biosonix-HR air bubble detector provides reliable and accurate non-invasive sensing of bubbles within tubing used in medical fluid delivery systems. The Biosonix technology is able to detect small bubbles using high resolution technology to ensure the bubble of interest is always detected. Our technology provides constant monitoring of the fluid signal and compensates for unit-to-unit variation, tubing inconsistencies, mechanical tolerances, pressurization, or temperature fluctuation to eliminate nuisance alarms. Learn more about our technology, features, and product specifications below.

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Biosonix-PL - Non-Invasive Point Level Sensors

Biosonix has the capability to design point level sensors that provide continuous monitoring of liquid levels within bottles, reservoirs, or bubble traps within fluid delivery devices. This technology uses well proven pulse-echo methods similar to SONAR. Designs can be tailored to meet requirements for your specific geometry and fluid type. Contact us about your sensor needs

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Design, development and manufacture
of medical ultrasonic transducers
for sensing, surgical and therapeutic
Air bubble detectors, fluid sensing,
ultrasonic handpieces,
sub-assemblies, and
driver boards.
Ultrasonic design, analysis and
practical implementation from
piezo electric materials
to complete systems.